Dance & Movement Therapy

Movement heals. The best medicine is often an untamed, sweaty dance. Sometimes it’s a good cry. Other times we need the support of a therapist or body-worker, a courageous conversation or silent contemplation. Not everything can be solved on the dance floor. Sometimes it’s a good move to make time for a more detailed look at your own personal process under the guidance of a trained professional.

With a background in Dance & Movement therapy, Gestalt Awareness practice, Somatic Experiencing (Trauma therapy of Peter Levine), Voice Dialogue and the 5Rhythms® I offer personal sessions for people who want to dive deeper in their own psyche through the infinite wisdom of the body.

Session are available in De Ondersteuning in Herent – a group practice for therapy and bodywork. Also when teaching abroad there might me moments available for personal sessions. Please contact me for more information or questions you might have.