Tussen Donker en Licht

Between Darkness and Light

12-13 December 2021 – Bratislava (Slovakia)

If you watch a candle you can notice the game between light and darkness. The hot flame radiates light which generates shadows. It creates a space where the darkness and light meet. This is the space that we will investigate in this transformational workshop. We will learn how the darkness holds the medicine that turns shadow into light!

We will use the map of the 5 rhythms to discover the interaction between darkness and light in our body, heart, mind, soul and spirit. How do I move when I’m struggling? How do I move when I feel good? And maybe even more important: How do I move from one to the other? From Darkness to Light? And what do I find in between?

“Offer your body to the realm of mystery and receive the gift of instinct. Offer your heart to the realm of darkness and receive the gift of intimacy. Offer your mind to the realm of chaos and receive the gift of intention. Offer your soul to the realm of unity and receive the gift of integrity. Offer your spirit to the realm of destiny and receive the gift of inspiration.”

— Gabrielle Roth

Practical Information

Prices: Full Price 90€, Only Saturday morning: 18 €.

Location: Poďme spolu tancovať, Ovsištské námestie 1, Bratislava

Times: Saturday 10h-13h (open wave) and 14u-17u / Sunday 11h-16h
Saturday morning is part of the workshop but can be followed seperately as an open Wave

Info and Booking: klimtriz@gmail.com