Trilogy of Connections (en)

The Trilogy of Connections

Exploring the Dynamics of Me, You, and Us

“The most important things in life are the connections you make with others”
— Tom Ford

Safety doesn’t mean the absence of threat. As human beings we feel safe in the presence of connection. Human beings are inherently social creatures, and our need for connection is deeply rooted in our biology, psychology, and evolution. Connection fulfils our basic needs for support, belonging, and understanding, and it plays a vital role in our overall quality of life. Building and maintaining meaningful connections with others is a key aspect of human existence

In this trilogy we will work with the heartbeat map of the 5Rhythms to dive into the dynamics of connections. Through the medicine of our embodied dance, you’ll discover a powerful pathway to heal the fractures in your relationships, reconnect with your body’s wisdom, and ignite a deeper sense of personal and interpersonal harmony. As we dive into the mystery of motion we foster qualities like forgiveness, compassion and healing. Dancing to practice to release emotional blockages, unravel tension, and embrace a renewed sense of wholeness.

The trilogy counts as 1,5 heartbeat days for the 5 Rhythms Teacher Training.
Prerequisites: 15 hours of Waves level

Location: Fitopia, Mechelsesteenweg 221, Edegem
Date: Saturdays 20 January, 16 March and 18 May
Times: 14h – 17h, last Saturday 13h30 – 17h30
Price: 120 €