“There is no new beginning without an end”. 

We go through small and big transitions continuously throughout our life. Some of them we do consciously, some of them just happen without us noticing it. A transition literally means ending something and beginning something new. Even though practically this can just be in a few seconds (for instance going from being unmarried to being married takes the amount of time that the ceremony of saying ‘I do’ lasts), internally in our experiencing a transition needs time. Letting go of our old life and our old habits is one thing. Starting to make new habits and creating a new life is the second. This is true for the big transitions in life, but is definitely also true for the smaller transitions in life.

In this workshop we will work with the transformational medicine of the 5 rhythms to start to understand how we can transition from old to new. We will investigate what is important in this process both on a physical/somatic level as on an emotional and mental level. Learning how to find completion of the old to create an open space to receive the new. And allowing ourselves the time to be present and awake in the mystical space we call transition. 

Location: Fitopia, Mechelsesteenweg 221, Edegem 

Date & times: Tuesday 26 December 2021, 10u – 17u

Price: 95 €

Info & Registration: