Journey with the Heart (Gent) (en)

Journey with the Heart

Heartbeat level workshop

Our heart is one of our most important organs. When it functions well, our life blood flows generously through our bodies, providing us with healing and aliveness on a physical level. Our heart is also referred to as the center for our emotions. When our emotions are able to flow freely through our body, they too provide us with healing and aliveness.

Often we move through life without fully including the richness of our emotional life. In our western society we did not learn about emotions when we were young, the only way we learned was through the example of how adults handled certain emotions, which unfortunately were not always the best examples.

In this workshop we will start to investigate how we can go on this journey we call life whilst at the same time including the richness, the healing power and the transformative aliveness of our emotions. Fear, Anger, Sadness, Joy & Compassion are what we in 5 Rhythms call our primary emotions. In our heartbeat map fear brings the gift of protection, anger brings the gift of expression, sadness will empty us, joy lifts us up and compassion shares with us the healing power of connection. Together we go on a journey to investigate how our emotive heart can be a power for healing, aliveness & transformation.

This workshop counts as heartbeat hours towards the 5 Rhythms Teacher Training

Location: The Spot, Striemenbergstraat 11D, 9040 Gent
Dates & times: Sunday 18 February 2024, 10h-17h
Price: 90 €
Info & Registration: Viktoria Grgurin,, +32 472 17 17 29