Healing Broken Connections

Healing Broken Connections

5Rhythms Heartbeat workshop

“You broke my heart.. But I still love you with all the little pieces.”

We all carry with us, in some way or form, a devastating experience where our trust was broken. Wether it is with ourself, with another or with a group of people, some of the trusting connections we had – or were supposed to have if life was perfect – were shattered. Luckily, regardless of our past attachment wounds, or whether we’re carrying ancestral or collective trauma, we are fundamentally designed to heal.

In this workshop we will work with the heartbeat map of the 5Rhythms to start the process of repair. Through the medicine of our embodied dance, you’ll discover a powerful pathway to heal the fractures in your relationships, reconnect with your body’s wisdom, and ignite a deeper sense of personal and interpersonal harmony. As we dive into the mystery of motion we foster qualities like forgiveness, compassion and healing. Dancing to practice to release emotional blockages, unravel tension, and embrace a renewed sense of wholeness.

The workshop counts as heartbeat days for the 5 Rhythms Teacher Training.
Prerequisites: 15 hours of Waves level

Location: Turnzaal Don Bosco Sint-Lambertus, Waversebaan 95, 3001 Leuven
Date: 21 October
Times: Saturday 10u-17u
Price: 90 €
Registration: https://forms.gle/1jsAbJWw33Uafakd8
Info: Viktoria – Viktoria.Grgurin@gmail.com