Boundaries (en)

Boundaries – Heartbeat level workshop

Only when we are truly, and fully able to say no,
we can truly enjoy our yes.

This workshop title doesn’t really need any explanation. Boundaries, present or not, are one of those essentials things that shape our life. As Brené Brown says: “Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others.” The invitation in this workshop is to start the process of embodying our boundaries, so that clarity can be felt.

In this 5Rhythms Heartbeat workshop we will slowly unpack all the different layers that go into embodying your boundaries. The fear or losing connection, the anger of not being listened to, the pain of all these times we’ve been hurt. As well as the joy we can feel when we are respected in our boundaries and the compassionate connections we can make whilst respecting the needs of the other.

Location: The Spot, Striemenbergstraat 11D, 9040 Gent
Datum & uur: Zondag 19 Februari 2023, 10u – 17u
Prijs: 90 €
Info & inschrijving: – +32 486 89 26 99

This workshop counts as heartbeat hours towards the 5 Rhythms Teacher Training