Alchemy of Shadows (en)

Alchemy of Shadows: Unveiling the unseen

5Rhythms® workshop with Alex Mackay & Chris Camp

We perceive our inner darkness as a void, an emptiness that fills us with anxiety. We try to stuff this black hole instead of realizing that we are the black hole and that its emptiness is actually a fathomless freedom.“
– Gabrielle Roth

Shadows, often perceived as mere absence of light, hold within them the potential for profound revelation. In the depths of darkness, hidden truths await discovery, and lost power can be reclaimed. Through the alchemy of shadows, we embark on a sacred pilgrimage of integration and illumination, embracing the full spectrum of our being, including the hidden realms of our psyche. Beneath the surface of conscious awareness, lies a treasure trove of untapped potential and profound wisdom waiting to be accepted and unveiled.

Just as the alchemist works with base metals to transform them into gold, so too does the seeker transform the shadows of the psyche into the golden light of self-realisation. In the 5Rhythms® we are invited to step into the embodiment of our shadows through movement. Laziness & Inertia (Flowing), Rigidity & Control (Staccato), Overwhelm & Disorentation (Chaos), Dissociation & Distraction (Lyrical), Numbness & Shutdown (Stillness) are a few of the names we give these shadows. Through movement, breath, and expression, we can invite these shadows into living, breathing form, embracing them as valuable allies on our journey of self-discovery and transformation.

The workshop counts as 2,5 waves days for the 5Rhythms® Teacher Training.
Prerequisites: minimum of 1 open 5Rhythms® class (a 2 hour wave)

Location: De Appeltuin, Weldadigheidsstraat 74, 3000 Leuven
Dates: Friday 18 – Sunday 20 October 2024
Times: Friday 19.30 – 22. Saturday 10.30 – 17.30 Sunday 10 – 17
Price: Full Price: 210 € Early booking price: 185 € until 12th of September
 Working team price: 110 € – 20% discount for 5RTA Members
Info & Registration: Viktoria,, +32 472 17 17 29

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