Masculine Meets Feminine


Masculine Meets Feminine

Saturday 23 September 2017 – Aachen

Oh yes, gender matters, whenever two people meet. How do you behave in such a situation? Do you follow the roles you learned in your childhood, in a world marked by sex and gender. What does it mean to be masculine or feminine?

In this Workshop we make a journey to both sides and experience which side is more active in us and how do we act if we meet a partner. Do we merge and create new possibilities? Do they fight or do we create tension, disconnection and isolation? We move through the masculine and feminine quality´s to arrive at a greater perspective and much more freedom.

This Workshop is open for all kind of gender. 5Rhythm´s newcomer and advanced dancer´s are welcome. Registration is needed.

The workshop is led by Iris Yasmine Hams (DE) and Chris Camp (BE)

The workshop is preceded by a open friday evening waves class (8pm – 10pm) led by Iris and Chris.

Practical Information:

Date: 23 September 2017
Time: Sat 10am – 7pm
Venue:Hapkido Studio in der Kulturfabrik 9, 52066 Aachen (D)
Costs: 70€ early bird, after 18 august 90€

Booking: Verena Cavallini
tel.: +4917634630423
fb: 5 Rhythms – Tribe Aachen (D)
Registration link click here.